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Joggers Training Schedule

Training Shedule

The next 10 upcoming training sessions are:

26/11/2019 Fartlek - Brambleside route.  Quick runners wait for slower ones after each effort.
28/11/2019 Fartlek Blanford Avenue to Weekly Glebe course.  Quicker runners do Blanford Avenue 5 times, and the slower runners do it 2 times.
03/12/2019 Tempo runs to St Mary's Hill.  10 continuous hill reps.  Slower runners do less hill reps.
05/12/2019 Fartlek with long efforts, Barton Hill.  Quick runners wait for slower ones after each effort.
10/12/2019 8 x 800m continuous efforts outside the club house
12/12/2019 Blanford Avenue Hill Reps
17/12/2019 Track - 10 x 1000 m repeats with short recoveries.
19/12/2019 14 x 400m efforts on Lakeside Road, after a 2 mile warm up.  Slower runners do fewer efforts.  Jog recovery between efforts.
01/01/2020 9 x 800m reps on Lakeside Road.  Jog recovery.  Everyone starts each effort together.
03/01/2020 15min continuous hill reps on Hill Street followed by 5 continuous hill reps on Blanford Avenue.  Quicker runners will do more reps than the slower runners.