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Joggers Training Schedule

Training Shedule

The next 10 upcoming training sessions are:

16/10/2018 400, 800, 400, 800, 400, 800, 400, 800, 400, 800, 400m efforts around the track perimeter. jog back recoveries.
18/10/2018 Hill session. St Mary's Hill x 10.
23/10/2018 Fartlek Brambleside. 15 min of hills on Blanford Avenue, and long run down Cleveland Avenue.
25/10/2018 Hill session - Blanford Avenue x 8
30/10/2018 Barton Hill course run at tempo pace. The quick runners will do 3 hill efforts on Barton Hill, while the slower ones will do 1 or 2. The quick runners will then try and catch the slower ones up before the club house.
01/11/2018 Fartlek - Brambleside/St Mary's. Two long efforts all the way down Cleveland Avenue, and Weekly Glebe/Stamford Road. Quicker runners jog back to slow runners.
06/11/2018 Track. 2 sets of 4 x 200m efforts with 30 sec recovery.  12 minutes between sets.
08/11/2018 Hill street efforts x 16
13/11/2018 Track. 5 x 1 mile efforts at 5 km race pace. 400 m slow recoveries.
15/11/2018 Fartlek Blanford Avenue Weekly Glebe route, incorporating 4 hill reps on Blanford Avenue for the faster runners, and 2 for the slower runners.