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We were all beginners at one stage but the transition from occasional runner to a competing athlete is not as distant as you may believe. At Kettering Town Harriers we welcome people of all abilities. If you are new to running we will make sure you are in a group suitable to your standard. We always run in a group and never leave a runner behind.

As our training incorporates many different methods and techniques, on many occasions all groups work together at a slow tempo with higher ability runners incorporating sprint ‘efforts’ into their training. Every Tuesday & Thursday at (5.45 for a 6pm start), you will always find a group happy to cover just a few miles at a steady pace.

Benefits of running with us at KTH include:

  • Running is the quickest way to cardiovascular fitness and will help you lose weight. It is also one of the cheapest forms of exercise.
  • Running is easy, it reduces stress and helps to keep you mentally alert
  • Joining KTH is a great way to meet other runners and chat whilst training
  • Running as a group makes it easier on cold dark evenings

If you’ve not exercised for some time it may be advisable to have a quick check up with your GP before beginning a training programme. Also remember, correct nutrition and hydration play an important part in your preparation and good running shoes are important, helping to prevent injuries.

For more information please contact us or meet us at the club house at 5.45 on any Tuesday or Thursday. Don’t forget your running shoes!

Ant Poncia

Leader in Running Fitness - Kettering Town Harriers